Den Instincts

MPL002-mansion-dog-house (150x150)42668Does your dog like to sleep under the table or bed?  Does he dig holes in your yard or garden?  There is a reason for this behavior.

Wild dog have been around for millions of years.  In the grand scheme of things, the few thousand years that we have been trying to domesticate them is quite short.  They still retain some of their natural instincts – one being denning.

You may think that providing your pet with a dog crate is mean, to say the least, but it is apparent that dogs want a place to den and call their own – indoors or out.

You don’t want an ugly dog crate in your home?  Just like the “wild” dog,  dog crates of come a long way over the years.  There are a lot of beautiful dog crates available that will only enhance your home decor.

Dog houses are now good looking, too!  Although wood is the best material for a dog house with many sizes, shapes and designs available, there are many others to choose from, too.

Your pet doesn’t care one little bit what his dog house or dog crate might look like – he just wants a place to call his own so he can satisfy his den instincts.

You can help your dog satisfy his “wild side” by shopping at and providing him a place to den.

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Why Every Dog Needs a Kennel

image1All dogs love the great outdoors.  But some of them (like my Tank) tend to wander off.  Mine will eventually come home, but he does go visiting at the neighbors about a mile away.  Very nice people but, if they wanted a dog, they would have one of their own.

Another reason to invest in a dog kennel is other critters that may attack your dog.  Just a couple of nights ago Tank was outside doing his duty before bedtime.  We heard the most awful noise and it took us a minute to realize it was the bull from across the road had gotten out.  He was EXTREMELY angry and Tank was hiding under the stock trailer.  I don’t know if the bull was trying to get under the trailer or knock it over, but I called Tank, and he came out from under the other side of the trailer and ran as fast as his short legs (he’s a Corgi) could go to the house.  Eventually the bull left but I think he was still mad.  We also have a variety of wildlife that would enjoy a meal (or two) of dog.

There is also the traffic element that is dangerous to pets.  We don’t have much traffic, but my dog does know to out of the way of vehicles.  Does yours?

Before some catastrophe happens, get a strong, sturdy dog exercise pen from DogHousesandPens.

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Complete K9 Kennels

Peaked expanded roof Anit-digging systemWhat do you do if your dog digs is way out of his kennel?  PANIC!!

A K9 Complete Kennel System comes with everything you need to make sure your dog is secure and comfortable.

Imagine an easy to install bar the prevents your dog from digging out of his pen.  That just sounds to simple – but it’s not!  A Complete Kennel system from K9 Pro Ultimate Dog Kennels comes with an anit-digging bar that will do just that.  These bars attach all around the bottom of the kennel and are made to fit your dog pen.  So, you can relax!

Shade is a must for a dog on hot days and protection from rain, sleet and snow at other times.  A dog house will protect when the weather is stormy, but not so much when it is hot.

The Complete Kennel systems also come with a form fitting, heavy duty, water-proof canvas top that is easy to install with the D-rings at the bottom.  The arched pitch of this roof not only provides shade but also  allows rain and snow to run off.  You can choose beige or camo.

I have spent time in the kennel this summer just relaxing and cooling off.

You can find a Complete Kennel System at

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How To Eliminate Spilled Food & Water Bowls

Swivel Bowl SystemSnap 'N Lock Food BowlDoes your dog spill his water and food bowls?  We have a solution for that!

Your dog is playful and often (unintentionally) spills his  food and water.  This not only makes a mess, it can attract varmints and be unsanitary.  I don’t know about your dog, but mine would eat the food off of the ground.  That can’t be good.

Snap ‘N Lock Bowls eliminate this problem.  The brackets attach right to your K9 kennel panel, the bowls slide into brackets so they can’t spill and keeps them off of the ground.  You can attach the bowls anywhere in the kennel.  Problem solved!

Your’re running late for work, dash out to feed the dog, open the gate and your dog escapes.  Hopefully you can coax him back in and don’t have to chase him down.  I used to always take a treat with me to bribe my dog back into his kennel.  Since I got the Swivel Bowl System I  don’t have to worry about that any more (but he still gets his treat).

With the Swivel Bowl System, you can quickly and easily feed your pet from outside the kennel.  It is so easy, your kids can feed the dog without having to worry about the dog getting away.

You can get this system built right into your panel at time of purchase, or you can easily add it later.  The metal frame bolts directly onto your K9 kennel wires and swivels out to fill and back in to latch shut.

Both of these items include two bowls and all the hardware needed to install.

Avoid the mess and the hassle!

You can find these bowl systems at

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How Easy Is It To Set Up A K9 Kennels?

tn_6' X 10 Kennel SystemHow easy can it be?  It doesn’t get any easier than this!

Some brands brag about two people  being able to set up their kennel in only 30  minutes.  They obviously haven’t experienced the convenience of a K9 kennel.  These dog kennels can be set up in just 5 minutes with no tools needed.

Unbelievable?  Check out our instruction page and see for yourself.  Even the canvas top and side covers can be added in minutes.

Don’t waste your whole week-end putting up a dog kennel. Get it done in just a few minute so you will have more time to enjoy playing with your dog.

The K9 kennel is just as easy to expand or move.

Feel free to call 1-877-527-3455 with any questions.

You can find these K9 Pro Ultimate Dog Kennels at

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Dog Crate AND Carrier

image 1Wouldn’t it be great to only have to take one containment item when you take your pet with you?

Just think, a dog carrier and a dog crate all in one.  Load up the dog in the pet carrier, put him in the car and away you go.  When you arrive, just get your pet carrier and you are ready for a day at the park or out in the wilderness.  Your dog will still have his own place to rest and relax.

When you get back home you can still use the crate in your home!

You can find this versatile K&H Manufacturing Classy Go Soft Pet Carrier & Dog Home at

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Steel Wire Exercise Outdoor Dog Kennel w/Gate

MAJESTIC-EXERCISEPEN-2My dog has trouble staying home, so I really need an outdoor dog exercise pen.

I have done some shopping but my budget is stretched pretty thin.  Then I came across this affordable dog kennel.

I did some research and learned that steel wire with a titanium zinc coating made into a wire mesh that has an acrylic coating  is just as strong and long lasting as chain link.  Plus, this dog kennel is super easy to set up!

It comes in eight consecutive panels (all the same size) that you just unfold, configure to the shape you want and stake it down with the included ground anchors.  One of the panels has a double latch, walk-through gate that will keep my dog safe and secure.

Easy! And affordable.

You can find this super strong, durable dog kennel at 

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Small Solid Wood Outdoor Dog Shelter w/Large Windows

MS001-ice-cream-dog-houseThis small dog house is so cute!  I can just see it in my back yard.  It’s burgundy trim and big windows set it apart from other dog houses.

A wooden dog house resists temperature extremes, so it will not get cold or hot.  The raised base and peaked roof design will help to keep your pet dry.  The large windows provide excellent ventilation and visibility.  You can easily remove the roof and the bottom panel for cleaning.

Burgundy doesn’t go with your color scheme?  You can paint the trim or the whole dog house.

It is made of natural Asian fir and built with quality construction.

You and your pet will both love this little dog house!

You can find it at

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Wooden Dog Crate Table w/Waterproof Melamine Floor

42166 - CopyI have always had an outdoor dog in my life, but for the first time, I now have an indoor dog.  I have learned a lot about a dog’s behavior and habits.

I didn’t realize how much a dog sleeps.  Until we got his wooden dog crate table, he slept under the bed.  I’m assuming this was to satisfy his den instincts.  He spent most of the day there. And he is definitely a creature of habit.

Sometimes we confuse him at bed time, if our routine gets disrupted for some reason.   He thinks we are going to bed so he gets in his crate.  If we’re not there shortly, he comes back out and looks at us as if he’s saying “What ARE you doing?”  So we decided on this furniture style dog crate for us to use as a nightstand and the swing through door allows him to go in and out at will.  Or we can latch the door to keep him contained (which doesn’t happen often).  He likes his dog crate MUCH better than sleeping under the bed!

This solid wood pet crate is not just beautiful, it has a melamine waterproof floor so it does not absorb fluids or odor, plus it is easy to clean.  Another great feature is the multiple vents that provide him with great visibility and healthy air flow.

I think we made the right choice.

You can find this crate at

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Aluminum Composite Dog Box

dog box image - singleWe understand how important your hunting dog is to you.  He is more than a pet – he is your hunting companion – your best friend.  He works hard and will do anything for you, and you will do the same for him.

That is why we know that you want to give him the best in protection and comfort.  An aluminum composite dog box can take care of that for you.  Aluminum composite is tough and durable with excellent shock resistance and impact properties.  It also has insulating properties.

This portable dog box provides your companion with great ventilation with air vents on the sides .  The piano hinged doors with gate latches will keep him safe and secure.

For you, it is lightweight and easy to handle.  This hunting dog box is also easy to clean and take care of.  This dog box is quality built and will last for years.

So give your dog a comfortable, secure place to rest and relax after a hard day’s work.

This aluminum composite dog box can be found at

Built in USA

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