Large Two Door Aluminum Composite Hunting Dog Box

DB-2c-1This is one large hunting dog box any hunter would be proud to own.

The aluminum composite panels are made of a sheet of plastic sandwiched between two sheets of aluminum giving it an insulating factor.  These panels have great anti-weathering ability and are resistant to corrosion and pollution.  They are often used on buildings.

Excellent craftsmanship makes this a super tough and rugged dog box.  They are lightweight yet have great impact properties and shock-proof performance.

The strong full piano hinged doors have gate latches to keep your hunting companion safe and secure.  Chest type handles on each end make it easy to handle.  Your dog will love the great ventilation!

The Large Two Door Aluminum Composite Hunting Dog Box from Dog Boxes ETC is proudly brought to you by

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Advantages of a Wooden Dog House

premium plus dog houseSince I started this venture, I have learned a lot about things that I never really thought about before – like “Why do they make dog houses out of  wood?

Well, I have learned that wood is the best material for a dog house.  Wood has a natural insulation characteristic.  It does not absorb heat or cold so it stays at a pretty even temperature.  Wood also resists humidity so it won’t be damp. You can stain or paint it any color you want and it will last for many years.

A wooden dog house does take a little maintenance, but it is well worth it.  The wood needs to be cleaned at least once a year with warm water, Murphy’s Oil soap and a soft bristled brush.  This will remove the dirt that causes discoloration.

Not only will a wooden outdoor dog house last for years, it will look great as well.

Your dog will love this Outdoor Solid Wood Medium Dog House w/Shingled Roof from Ware Manufacturing found at

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Expandable Dog Crate

94163Do you have a puppy that is going to outgrow a small dog crate?  The expandable dog crate will grow right along with that puppy.

The dog crate has a rubberwood frame, giving it a classy look, with interlocking corners for strong support.  The wire panels have only a 1 1/8 inch space between wires.  The front wire door measures 26″ W x 11.5″ H and there is also a side door for easy access to food and water dishes.

This awesome dog crate is also ideal for puppy litters.  It will expand to accommodate even a large litter.  A floor tray is included.

This dog crate expands from 35.5″ to  60.5″ long  and is 27″ high.  It is available in an Autumn Matte or an Origami White finish.

An optional wire top is available for this unique dog crate.

You can find this crate at

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Dog Houses and Pens

At doghousesandpens, we know that if your pet’s not happy, you aren’t happy.  That is why we strive to make you both comfortable and at home while shopping with us.

All of our dog houses are made of solid wood.  These top quality wooden dog houses are all sealed with non-toxic stain and have raised bases to keep them off the ground so your  will stay dry when the weather is wet.  Our Premium Plus dog houses have a shingled roof that is either slanted or peaked.

We have a wide variety of dog crates!  From the basic wire dog crate to our luxury dog crate furniture, all are well built with excellent craftsmanship.  We have a lot of soft dog crates as well.  Many portable dog crates and indoor/outdoor crates.  If we don’t have it, let us know what you’re looking for and we will try to find it!

We are a little short on dog kennels at this time, but we do have a sturdy, durable nine and eleven gauge wire dog exercise pen that is available in many sizes.  We also have a convertible indoor/outdoor exercise pen that is very durable and attractive.  This dog pen can be used outdoors or inside as either a dog pen or a room divider.  Our soft dog pens are all easy to set up, take down and are portable.

Shop at and see what you can find!

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Small Portable Dog Camping Tent

umbra-tent-lifestyleHere we are already in mid camping season and you still need a place to keep your dog while out enjoying nature.

Whether you are going camping for a week, a week-end or just a day at the lake this portable dog camping tent is just what you need.  It is lightweight, portable and the umbrella mechanism makes it quick and easy to set up and take down.  The nylon fabric is cool, breathable and rain will simply run off. The front door zips open and lays flat providing your pet with a porch to lay out in the sun or lay inside in his dog sun shelter.

Best of all this dog tent is also a car containment system.  You won’t have to take but one pet containment with you.

This small umbra dog tent is ideal for Sheltie, Schnauzer, Pug and like sized dogs.

You can find this Small Portable Dog Camping  Tent at

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Deluxe Steel Dog Crate with Bolster Pad

PG5927BOBNeed a splash of color in your house?   This little dog crate is quite attractive and very colorful!  This crate would look cute in just about any room.

This steel dog crate has great features too!  Constructed of strong steel wire with a blow-molded plastic shell, it has rounded corners to protect your pet, your home and your car.  Sound like a versatile dog crate?  It is!  You can use it at home or take it with you when you go.  It collapses completely so it is easy to carry.

The deluxe dog crate has built in wheels and a pull handle making it easy to move from room to room.  There is a door on top, two side doors and a garage style front door.  Plenty of access!

The soft and cozy plush fleece bolster pad is as colorful as the crate.  The crate and matching cover are available in Ocean Blue, Brick, Pink and Sage.

A convenient nylon carrying case is included.

You can find this great steel dog crate at

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Large Two Compartment Hunting Dog Box w/Top Storage

oct_5-12_015_mediumWhen I first saw this large deluxe hunting dog box, I didn’t know what “aluminum composite” was so I did a lot of checking.

Aluminum composite is a sheet of plastic sandwiched between two sheets of aluminum.  It is made into sheets that can be cut to size.  These aluminum composite panels are corrosion and pollution resistant and have excellent shock-proof and impact properties.  Plus they have insulating properties.  These panels are often used on buildings and they make amazing tough, durable hunting dog boxes.

This hunting dog crate has two compartments with full piano hinged doors and gate latches to keep your companion safe and secure.  It is well ventilated to provide healthy air flow.  This dog box also has chest type handles on each end for easy loading and unloading.

The four inch storage compartment is convenient for stowing you hunting gear and any other items you might want to take on you hunt.

You can find this large two compartment hunting dog box with top storage at

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Kennel Anchors and Shade

900672900669I don’t know about you, but where I live the wind blows alot!  Sometimes just a breeze of ten to twenty miles an hour.  Other times a full gale of thirty to sixty miles per hour.  Most of the time, I wonder why I live here.

The wind can come up anywhere at anytime.  That is why you need to anchor your dog kennel.  This anchor kit has a set of four aluminum anchors with galvanized steel cables.

Shade is another problem in these parts.  Not many trees.  If you need shade for your dog kennel, we offer UV treated sun block tops with reinforced grommets and cable ties in a variety of sizes.  These kennel tops can keep your dog’s kennel up to 15 degrees cooler.

We also offer two styles of roofs to provide shade and help protect your pet from inclement weather.

Check out our kennel accessories at

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Small Two Compartment Hunting Dog Crate

Two compartment hunting dog boxThe two compartment hunting dog box is quite handsome and rugged.  This dog crate is made for smaller hunting dogs, such as Spaniels, Terriers, Squirrel Dogs, Coonhounds, etc.  It is 38″ W x 22″ D x 24″ H.

This hunting dog box is made of an aluminum/plastic composite so it is lightweight.  The chest style handle on each end make it easy to load and unload.  The gate latches and full piano hinges on the doors ensure that it is tough enough to stand up to the elements and use.  The doors and all sides have air vents providing healthy ventilation for your hunting partners.

PLUS this small portable dog box has a four inch storage compartment on top for your hunting gear and supplies.

Find this hunting dog box and more at

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Small Pet Crate

small pet crateThis is a really cute little pet crate!

The super small pet crate is the perfect dog crate for temporary containment that will add a touch of elegance to your home décor.  The beautiful eco-friendly, solid rubberwood  frame has interlocking corners for extra strong support.

The front wire door of this dog crate lets you safely and easily remove your precious pet.

The small pet crate measures 35.5″ W x 24″ D x 24″ H and is recommended for pets up to 45 pounds.

You and your pet will both love this adorable little dog crate!

Find this pet crate and much more at

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