Humane Remote Dog Training

ET-300TS Mini Educator Remote Dog TrainerDoes your dog have behavior issues – jumping on people, digging, getting into the trash or the neighbors yard, chasing cars or other dogs?  You may be able to control them if you have them on a leash, but what about when they’re loose?

Most dogs have to be taught that these behaviors are NOT acceptable.  The most effective and humane way to teach your dog proper behavior is with a remote dog training collar.  This way, he will learn to respond even while he’s not on a leash.

The stimulation this training collar gives can be set on a level from 1 to 60 to get your dog’s attention so he will respond to your voice command.  It will help you reinforce the behaviors that you want.

You can turn your smart dog into a perfectly behaved genius with some simple basic training.

This mini educator with a 1/2 mile range can be found at

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Keep Your Pet Safe and Secure

image1I don’t have a fenced in yard, so I need a secure and safe place to let my dog out to run and play or just enjoy the outdoors.

I needed an affordable dog kennel that was easy enough to set up that I could do it by myself yet durable enough to ensure that my dog was secure.

This steel wire dog kennel was just what I was looking for.  The eight consecutive panels simply unfold and can be configured to the shape you want.  It even comes with ground anchors to make sure it stays put.  The double latch door keeps my dog secure.

You can  find this heavy duty outdoor dog kennel at

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Are You Ready For Winter?

small a-frame wooden dog house Winter weather will be here before I know it.  I don’t know where the summer went!

Are you ready?  Does your pet have a nice warm, dry dog house?

When you leave for work in the morning, it’s a beautiful day so you leave your dog out in the yard.  By the time you get home the weather has changed to a raging blizzard.  Ever happen to you?  Where I live (and I’m sure it’s true everywhere) the weather can change in a heartbeat.

The best way to be sure your pet will be protected is a wooden dog house, preferably one that is off the ground.  If you can attach a dog house door flap to keep out the wind and snow, even better.  An insulation kit would also put your mind at ease, knowing your dog has a warm place to get in out of a storm.

You can get this wooden dog house from

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Training Your Dog

ET-300TS Mini Educator Remote Dog TrainerDo you have trouble getting your dog to respond to commands if he isn’t nearby?

My Corgi responds well IF he is within shouting distance.  But, sometimes, he gets away while I’m in the house or working in the yard and not paying close attention to him.  That is when I need a training collar!  That is on my shopping list.

You can get dog educators with ranges from one half mile to one mile plus with various degrees of stimulation.  This way you can teach your dog to respond and remember what they have been taught.

These collars are the most humane way to train your dog.  You can set and lock the stimulation level you want so you won’t have to worry about over-stimulation.  These dog educators also feature a night tracking light so you can locate your dog in the dark.

I would love to have a camera strapped to my dog to see where he goes and how he gets there.  I know he travels via the irrigation ditch and I’m guessing he probably goes through tubes that go under the road.  I would need a really tough waterproof camera.

Maybe I don’t REALLY want to know.

You can get a humane yet effective dog training collar from

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Take Your Dog Out To Enjoy Nature

umbra-tent-lifestyleDo you like to take your dog out on a nature adventure?

Whether you are going hiking, camping or just spending time at the park, you will want your dog to have a safe place to rest and relax while you do the same.  If you are camping, he will need a place to spend the night.

If your hiking, you will want a want a lightweight dog tent for your pet to rest in.  Something that is easy to set up, take down and carry.

Our large umbra tent & pop up dog shelter is lightweight, pops up in seconds, folds easily and has a bag for carrying.

So, get out there and enjoy nature with your dog!

You can get your pop up dog shelter at

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Are You Ready For Hunting Season?

DB-2c-1It is almost pheasant season!  Are you ready?

You’ve been waiting for months to take your dog out to hunt.  Make sure you are prepared.

Hunting dogs  are very active, rambunctious, and full of energy (just they way you want them).  But, they have trouble sitting still.  I’ve seen hunting dogs riding loose in the back of trucks.  Looks like a disaster waiting to happen.

To keep your dog safe, you need a dog box for him to ride in the back of the truck.  You could put him in the cab, but after hunting, he is more than likely dirty and probably wet.  Do you want him inside your vehicle?

Our aluminum composite hunting dog boxes are not only well built, they also have excellent impact and shock-proof properties to protect your valuable dog.

Protect your hunting companion and provide him with a place to rest after a hard day’s work with a hunting dog box from!

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Den Instincts

MPL002-mansion-dog-house (150x150)42668Does your dog like to sleep under the table or bed?  Does he dig holes in your yard or garden?  There is a reason for this behavior.

Wild dog have been around for millions of years.  In the grand scheme of things, the few thousand years that we have been trying to domesticate them is quite short.  They still retain some of their natural instincts – one being denning.

You may think that providing your pet with a dog crate is mean, to say the least, but it is apparent that dogs want a place to den and call their own – indoors or out.

You don’t want an ugly dog crate in your home?  Just like the “wild” dog,  dog crates of come a long way over the years.  There are a lot of beautiful dog crates available that will only enhance your home decor.

Dog houses are now good looking, too!  Although wood is the best material for a dog house with many sizes, shapes and designs available, there are many others to choose from, too.

Your pet doesn’t care one little bit what his dog house or dog crate might look like – he just wants a place to call his own so he can satisfy his den instincts.

You can help your dog satisfy his “wild side” by shopping at and providing him a place to den.

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Why Every Dog Needs a Kennel

image1All dogs love the great outdoors.  But some of them (like my Tank) tend to wander off.  Mine will eventually come home, but he does go visiting at the neighbors about a mile away.  Very nice people but, if they wanted a dog, they would have one of their own.

Another reason to invest in a dog kennel is other critters that may attack your dog.  Just a couple of nights ago Tank was outside doing his duty before bedtime.  We heard the most awful noise and it took us a minute to realize it was the bull from across the road had gotten out.  He was EXTREMELY angry and Tank was hiding under the stock trailer.  I don’t know if the bull was trying to get under the trailer or knock it over, but I called Tank, and he came out from under the other side of the trailer and ran as fast as his short legs (he’s a Corgi) could go to the house.  Eventually the bull left but I think he was still mad.  We also have a variety of wildlife that would enjoy a meal (or two) of dog.

There is also the traffic element that is dangerous to pets.  We don’t have much traffic, but my dog does know to out of the way of vehicles.  Does yours?

Before some catastrophe happens, get a strong, sturdy dog exercise pen from DogHousesandPens.

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Complete K9 Kennels

Peaked expanded roof Anit-digging systemWhat do you do if your dog digs is way out of his kennel?  PANIC!!

A K9 Complete Kennel System comes with everything you need to make sure your dog is secure and comfortable.

Imagine an easy to install bar the prevents your dog from digging out of his pen.  That just sounds to simple – but it’s not!  A Complete Kennel system from K9 Pro Ultimate Dog Kennels comes with an anit-digging bar that will do just that.  These bars attach all around the bottom of the kennel and are made to fit your dog pen.  So, you can relax!

Shade is a must for a dog on hot days and protection from rain, sleet and snow at other times.  A dog house will protect when the weather is stormy, but not so much when it is hot.

The Complete Kennel systems also come with a form fitting, heavy duty, water-proof canvas top that is easy to install with the D-rings at the bottom.  The arched pitch of this roof not only provides shade but also  allows rain and snow to run off.  You can choose beige or camo.

I have spent time in the kennel this summer just relaxing and cooling off.

You can find a Complete Kennel System at

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How To Eliminate Spilled Food & Water Bowls

Swivel Bowl SystemSnap 'N Lock Food BowlDoes your dog spill his water and food bowls?  We have a solution for that!

Your dog is playful and often (unintentionally) spills his  food and water.  This not only makes a mess, it can attract varmints and be unsanitary.  I don’t know about your dog, but mine would eat the food off of the ground.  That can’t be good.

Snap ‘N Lock Bowls eliminate this problem.  The brackets attach right to your K9 kennel panel, the bowls slide into brackets so they can’t spill and keeps them off of the ground.  You can attach the bowls anywhere in the kennel.  Problem solved!

Your’re running late for work, dash out to feed the dog, open the gate and your dog escapes.  Hopefully you can coax him back in and don’t have to chase him down.  I used to always take a treat with me to bribe my dog back into his kennel.  Since I got the Swivel Bowl System I  don’t have to worry about that any more (but he still gets his treat).

With the Swivel Bowl System, you can quickly and easily feed your pet from outside the kennel.  It is so easy, your kids can feed the dog without having to worry about the dog getting away.

You can get this system built right into your panel at time of purchase, or you can easily add it later.  The metal frame bolts directly onto your K9 kennel wires and swivels out to fill and back in to latch shut.

Both of these items include two bowls and all the hardware needed to install.

Avoid the mess and the hassle!

You can find these bowl systems at

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